I don’t know any right thinking capitalist who can look at the mess that Wall Street created … and say this is something to be proud of.

You want to be proud of capitalism? Go out to the West Coast…talk to the people who are really inventing great, amazing products that make people stand up in awe. You could not have an occupy Silicon Valley movement. You would not have people standing up in front of Apple Computers saying “Yeah, Steve Jobs needs to be punished.

When you focus on Wall Street, you’re focusing on a system that took advantage of the corruption of our government to build a gambling scene for themselves where they could get the upside and we would pay the downside … This is not anything any Capitalist should defend. And no self-respecting Capitalist whose paycheck doesn’t come from that system does defend it.

Lawrence Lessig killing it on the Diane Rehm show this morning. (via Thomas) #ows

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